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William Grant, MD


With over 44 years of experience in the medical field, Dr. William Grant is a seasoned practitioner. He's trained in five specialized areas including Internal Medicine, Allergy/Immunology, Infectious Disease, and Rheumatology.

During his extensive career, he's spent over 100,000 hours in the ER and interacted with more than 200,000 patients, including thousands of children with special needs. Dr. Grant has also assessed over 3,000 veterans for disability claims.

Dr. Grant has been part of various respected institutions like Northwestern University, University of Tennessee in Memphis, Tulane Medical Center, and more.


Besides his professional achievements, Dr. Grant is a dedicated family man. He has five children, each with their unique strengths and challenges. Among them, one child has Asperger's and another Cerebral Palsy.

It was his personal experience with special needs and the creative mind of his wife, Irene, that inspired Dr. Grant to create Mircle Kid. He noticed the lack of accessible information for parents and decided to bridge this gap.

Team-Based Approach

Mircle Kid is Dr. Grant's project, dedicated to making knowledge about special needs more accessible and understandable. The platform provides information on various special needs, guides on where to seek treatment, and creates a community through forums.
Dr. Grant believes in a team-based approach to treatment, involving specialists, parents, nutritionists, physicians, mental health experts, and social workers.

"Kindness is the greatest form
of human intelligence."

- Dr. William Grant, Founder of Mircle Kid

Join Dr. William Grant and
Mircle Kid in their journey of empowerment, education, and compassion.

Together, let's navigate the extraordinary landscape of humanity, celebrating the tapestry of the special needs population that unites us all.

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The MircleKid website is not providing any treatment information. We are only providing information about medical conditions.


Treatment advice needs to be provided only by YOUR treating physician.

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