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The Amazing World Of
Mircle Kids Book Series

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Discover the adventures of   superhero,
'Mircle' Boy (Lil’ Bud), who has Cerebral Palsy.

Join his best friend Andrew, who has Asperger’s, Professor Bob Mircle, a schizophrenic mega-genius, and Mr. Pleomorph, an amazing computerized robot.

old from the perspective of Lil’ Bud and his friends, these stories will introduce a new world waiting to be discovered.


Lil' Bud

The differences that I have compared to other people cause some to stare, shy away, or even think that they hold greater importance in this world than me.
I wish people would realize that having these differences is not my fault, or begin to recognize that they too have differences. Maybe some are not as noticeable as mine, but they have them too. Most importantly, I wish people would remember that I am a person just like each of them and have feelings too.
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Super Robot Genius Mr. Pleomorph

Mr. Pleomorph, also known as Mr. P., is an extraordinary robot with a mastery of disguise and boundless resources. He possesses the unique ability to replicate and transform into various objects or creatures, and he even has the power to travel through time!

Mr. Pleomorph and Lil' Bud share a great friendship, with the next thrilling adventure just around the corner.
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Main Characters and
Special Needs Dragons

Learn about our characters and the condition(s) they represent! Each one of the Mircle Kid characters represents a different special need, showing us that we all have our own amazing abilities.
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Love Me For Who I Am

What an Adventure! A two-headed Dragon waiting to defend the Professor's honor. A robot smarter than humans that can morph into other shapes, and time travel with Merlin and Houdini? Wolf Spiders, a Lizard Man, and a mysterious photograph from a phone camera?


Discover and inspire all kids to share their gifts!

About The Author

William Grant, MD is a Board-Certified Internal Medicine Specialist who grew up in Chicago, Illinois, where he attended the University of Illinois in Chicago. He graduated from Chicago Medical School in 1979 and completed a residency in Internal Medicine at St. Joseph Hospital, a Northwestern Hospital. He furthered his education by completing fellowship training in Immunology in Memphis, Tennessee, Allergy at Tulane Medical Center in New Orleans, and Infectious Disease training at the University of South Alabama in Mobile. He then spent several years teaching at major medical centers and in private practice. Dr. Grant has treated well over 150,000 different patients, including multiple Veterans and children. Many of his patients have had a broad range of special needs.


"Dr. William Grant is no stranger to special needs children. As a father to two of them, he has a bird’s eye view of the challenges that face the families and their children every day.

Through his characters, Dr. Grant was able to bring us up close to the world of children with disabilities without leaving our comfort zone. While magic and heroes have no role in the life of ordinary people, it plays a significant role in the life of children with disabilities who need them not only as a defense mechanism to foster resilience; but also helps them adapt to the everyday challenges that face them from sunrise to sunset."

Lotfi Bashir, MD, FAAP

"Dr. William N. Grant has served us well by catapulting us into the real world of the special need In his insightful books and web site. Dr. Grant teaches us empathy and emancipates us from prejudice. He shows brilliance, creativity, and extensive medical knowledge. His description of challenging medical conditions is accurate.


He demonstrates a deep understanding of serious stresses on one’s self-esteem and perception of self. He captures well the feelings and reality of being different. There are wise commentaries on fast foods, and he discusses picas, an eating disorder in which persons eat nonfood substances. Dr. Grant possesses a fundamentally sound understanding of psychiatric and neurological conditions which to date are not understood fully. He introduces us to the challenges of schizophrenia, ADHD, OCD, phobias, autism and Asperger, cerebral palsy, and anxiety disorders. Although Dr. Grant is not a psychiatrist, he displays a broad understanding of these disorders and discusses them in a sophisticated and thoughtful manner.

Much thanks to Dr. Grant for sharing his sophisticated understanding of the daily frustrations of those affected."

Howard J Tucker M.D., J.D.

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