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Mircle Kid

William Grant, MD
Founder of Mircle Kid

With over 44 years of medical practice and 16 years of intensive training, Dr. William Grant, the founder of Mircle Kid, has dedicated his life to this cause. He's seen and treated over 200,000 patient contacts, including thousands of children with special needs. Besides his professional achievements, Dr. Grant is a dedicated family man. He has five children, each with their unique strengths and challenges. Among them, one child has Asperger's and another Cerebral Palsy. It was his personal experience with special needs and the creative mind of his wife, Irene, that inspired Dr. Grant to create Mircle Kid. He noticed the lack of accessible information for parents and decided to bridge this gap.

Larry L. Tinsley
Director of Art

Larry is a fine artist with a graphic art background. Well-known people whom Larry has presented his artworks include Jeanette Bradley, former Attorney General of the State of Ohio; Reverend Emmanuel Branch of Antioch Baptist Church, Cleveland OH; also Don King, Stevie Wonder, George Clinton, Mary J. Blige, Russell Simmons and Nancy Wilson. Larry is the Director of Art for the thrilling adventure story of Lil Bud and Mr. Pleomorph. 

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Jacob Hanson

Jacob is one of the talented artists behind the Mircle Kid character designs.

Lili Rose
Website Designer

Lili Rose is the creative director and designer behind the Mircle Kid website and brand mission statement. 

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Mircle Kid

Don has been a practicing attorney for 45 years. He is licensed to practice in both New York and Texas. Additionally, he holds licenses to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court, the U.S. Tax Court, 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, and numerous Federal District Courts in New York and Texas. Several years ago, he was honored by being named a Fellow of the Texas Bar Foundation.
Don is the CEO and co-founder of The Cure Cancer Foundation and has been actively involved in fundraising for over a decade. His extensive fundraising experience traces back to his volunteer work with the American Cancer Society, which began in 1997. Since then, he is credited with raising over 50 million dollars for various American Cancer Society projects and endeavors. Thanks to his efforts, the American Cancer Society was able to establish the first and only Hope Lodge in Texas. Don served as the Capital Campaign Chairman for the Hope Lodge in Lubbock, in addition to his seven-year tenure as Chairman of the American Cancer Society Board of Directors. He has also contributed to the Major Gifts Committee and the National Gala Task Force, and chaired the 1998 Lubbock Cattle Baron’s Ball. Don's outstanding contributions have earned him recognition from the American Cancer Society, including the Spirit of Hope Award, the Silver Spur, and the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award.

During his many years as an American Cancer Society volunteer, Don resolved to take further action towards finding a cure for cancer. After gaining insight into translational cancer research (clinical trials) at Texas Tech University, he founded the Cure Cancer Foundation, raising more than $11M to support researchers at Texas Tech.

The MircleKid website is not providing any treatment information. We are only providing information about medical conditions.


Treatment advice needs to be provided only by YOUR treating physician.

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