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Mircle Kid is Illuminating
Pathways of Inclusion
and Understanding

At Mircle Kid, we're devoted to...

Empowering Special Needs Communities

By providing a platform that celebrates their unique strengths and abilities. Our projects focus on promoting understanding and inclusivity for individuals with special needs.

Celebrating Everyone's Unique Differences

We believe in the power of empathy and knowledge to bridge gaps.


There are over 300 million people
living in the US.

About 17% of children aged 3 through 17 years have one or more developmental disabilities. Developmental disabilities are a group of conditions due to an impairment in physical, learning, language, or behavior areas.


There are over 7 billion people
living in the world.

Over are over 240 million children living with disabilities in the world. Many are invisible, hidden by their families and abandoned by their governments.

Our Mission

Mircle Kid is dedicated to helping individuals better understand the special needs population which includes all of us.


The Amazing World Of Mircle Kids

Love Me For Who I Am
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Main Characters and
Special Needs Dragons

Learn about our characters and the condition(s) they represent! Each one of the Mircle Kid characters represents a different special need, showing us that we all have our own amazing abilities.

Smile I'm Just Like You!

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The Mircle Kid website is not providing any treatment information. We are only providing information about medical conditions.


Treatment advice needs to be provided only by YOUR treating physician.

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