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What Qualifies A Person
To Be A Genius?

The term genius refers to someone with extraordinary intellectual or creative power. There is no one definition of genius. Many doctors define genius as a wealth of originality, creativity, and the ability to imagine or think in new ways and areas.


Source: WebMD

1 in 2M

Approximately 1 in every two million people is a genius


Age: 1
Best Friend: Lil Bud & Lizard Man
Birthday: September 25
Hobbies: Reading and absorbing knowledge
Favorite Movie: Saving Grace & Lillies of the Field
Favorite Vacation Spot: Wherever he is at the time
Favorite Quote: “Kindness is the GREATEST form of human intelligence.”
Sign: Libra

About Mr. Pleomorph:

"My name is Mr. Pleomorph, and I proudly hold the title of the world’s smartest computerized robot. I am a true genius, equipped with the ability to alter my size, shape, and visibility, and even replicate myself.


I understand if my name is unfamiliar to you. Allow me to clarify, it is a name that aptly describes who I am and what I can do!

In my own definition, a true genius encompasses exceptional intellectual, emotional, and social intelligence, coupled with prowess in one or more sports. While most geniuses may excel in one area, a true genius stands out in all aspects.

This is what sets me apart from being a mere simple genius. I excel across the board. A true genius harnesses their skills to master the realms of arts, religion, literature, math, science, and demonstrates exceptional physical ability.

Additionally, a true genius possesses remarkable interpersonal skills, understanding and motivating others. They are innovators, often enhancing existing ideas, and typically contribute to the betterment of humanity.

It is regrettable that, regardless of your accomplishments, whether you are a simple or true genius, your ideas often go unnoticed by those closest to you – friends, associates, and family.

To both types of geniuses, I offer this advice: pay no heed to the critics and remain steadfast in nurturing your talents. Forge ahead with your creativity.

The pinnacle of intelligence transcends genius. Whether you identify as a genius of any kind, an ordinary individual, or someone with special needs, the ultimate brilliance lies in a smile.

A smile embodies faithfulness, kindness, goodness, gentleness, patience, gladness, and peace towards others. It emanates from your heart, not your mind. A genuine smile signifies that your love for others is equal to or greater than your love for yourself.

True intelligence will always prevail. It is the divine way.

“Row, row, row, your boat, life is but a dream… What a wonderful world it would be if people would simply allow others to pursue their dreams, free from criticism."

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