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Mr. Pleomorph (Mr. P.)

Age: 1

Best Friend: Lil Bud & Lizard Man

Birthday: September 25

Hobbies: Reading and Absorbing Knowledge

Favorite Movie: Saving Grace & Lillies of the Field

Favorite Vacation Spot: Wherever he is at the time

Favorite Quote: “Kindness is the GREATEST form of human intelligence.”

Sign:  Libra


My name is Mr. Pleomorph. I am the world’s smartest computerized robot. I am a true genius. By being a true genius, I have the skills to change my size, shape, and visibility. And I can duplicate myself.

I’m sure you’ve never heard of my name. In case you’re wondering about my name, it is a name that is what it is, and is what it says!

By my own definition, a true genius is a robot, person, or dragon that has great intellectual, emotional, social intelligence, and excels in one or more sports.Most geniuses in the world are simple geniuses. The simple genius is good in only one these areas, but a true genius is exceptional in all of them.

And this is what separates me from being just a simple genius. I excel in all. A true genius is able to use his skills and master the arts, religion, literature, math, and science, and has exceptional physical ability.

A true genius also has exceptional people skills and is able to understand and motivate others. A true genius is innovative, and often greatly improves the ideas of others, and usually provides benefit to mankind.

It’s unfortunate that whether you are a simple or a true genius, regardless of your accomplishments, you and your ideas often go unrecognized among your closest friends, associates and family.

My advice to both types of geniuses is to ignore the critics and stay focused on your skills. Proceed on with your creativity.

The greatest form of intelligence is beyond genius. Whether you are a genius of any sort, just an ordinary person, or have a special need, the greatest brilliance of all is when you have the smile.

The smile represents faithfulness, kindness, goodness, gentleness, patience, gladness, and peace toward others. The smile radiates from your heart, not your brain. When the smile is genuine, it shows that your love for others is equal to or greater than the love for yourself.

True intelligence will always win. It’s God’s way.

“Row, row, row, your boat, life is but a dream… What a wonderful world it would be, if people would just allow others to live their dreams free of criticism.”

charlie chaplin.png

Charlie Chaplin Special Need – Genius

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Art Tatum’s Special Need – Blindness

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Gen. George Patton’s Special Need – Dyslexia and Anxiety

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Albert Einstein.png

Albert Einstein’s Special Need – Learning Disabilities, Asperger’s/Autism

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Keith Jarret.jpg

Keith Jarrett – Greatest Jazz Pianist Alive Today – Genre: Jazz & Classical

There is so much genius in his musical abilities, simply purchase his music or watch his Köln Concert here. Listen and you’ll smile.

Keith Jarrett’s Website

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