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Dragon Tyrannosaurus Rex

Special Need: Being a Bully

Best Friend: The other dragons

Birthday: Ageless

Hobbies: Singing and Acting

Favorite Movie: Pan’s Labyrinth


A bully is a person, group or entity that uses abuse to belittle, control or harm another individual or entity.

The four types of abuse a bully uses are emotional, physical, verbal, and Internet (cyber).

Greater than 10 percent of all school-age children between the ages of 5 through 18 have been bullied on more than one occasion.

People, groups, or entities often bully because they are not happy or are insecure with themselves, and they want others to feel the same way.

A bully will use abuse any way possible to bully another person.

Bullies will often target their victims because of the community a person lives in or is from, education, gender, money, mental status, physical appearance, race, religion, and sexual preference.

There are several ways to protect against a bully.

Children should be encouraged to talk to their parents or school authorities when confronted by bullies.

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