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Discover The World of Mircle Kid!


Lil’ Bud is dedicated to helping people better understand the special needs population which includes all of us.


The first book of this 4-part series is about learning disorders. Greater than 15% of all children born or over 600,000 of the 4,000,000 children born each year in the US have a learning disorder. This book has been written for all of us – those with special needs and those without – and directs attention to the fact that, right or wrong, we all process information differently.


The author who himself has OCD, ADHD and Dyslexia is an extremely successful physician who has over 40 years’ experience as a medical doctor. A large portion of these years has been spent diagnosing, treating and caring for special need patients including children, veterans, friends, and family. This book from the authors viewpoint was written in a humorous and educational manner and is about how people with learning disorders process information. The author has had a very eclectic life experience and observes that everyone he meets or reads about has some form of a special need.


This book is an enlightenment for all of us. Please enjoy!

We offer "The Amazing World of Mircle Kid's, Lil Bud and Mr' P.  - The Beginning of a Great Friendship" in three different versions for our reader's enjoyment. By clicking on the various cover below, you will be directed to the edition you prefer.

#1 - The image on your left is the deluxe paperback version. In this special edition, its images are printed in full color.

#2 - The middle edition offers the reader the same storyline as the deluxe version, however, all of the images have been printed in grayscale. 

#3 -  For our consumers who prefer paperless, the book to the right is the Kindle aka Digital version.

    #1 Deluxe                                      #2 Standard                                    #3 Kindle       
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