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Dr. William Grant is no stranger to special needs children. As a father to two of them, he has a bird’s eye view of the challenges that face the families and their children every day.

Through his characters, Dr. Grant was able to bring us up close to the world of children with disabilities without leaving our comfort zone. While magic and heroes have no role in the life of ordinary people, it plays a significant role in the life of children with disabilities who need them not only as a defense mechanism to foster resilience; but also helps them adapt to the everyday challenges that face them from sunrise to sunset.

Lotfi Bashir, MD, FAAP
Dr. William N. Grant has served us well by catapulting us into the real world of the special need In his insightful books and web site. Dr. Grant teaches us empathy and emancipates us from prejudice. He shows brilliance, creativity, and extensive medical knowledge. His description of challenging medical conditions is accurate. He demonstrates a deep understanding of serious stresses on one’s self-esteem and perception of self. He captures well the feelings and reality of being different. There are wise commentaries on fast foods, and he discusses picas, an eating disorder in which persons eat nonfood substances. Dr. Grant possesses a fundamentally sound understanding of psychiatric and neurological conditions which to date are not understood fully. He introduces us to the challenges of schizophrenia, ADHD, OCD, phobias, autism and Asperger, cerebral palsy, and anxiety disorders. Although Dr. Grant is not a psychiatrist, he displays a broad understanding of these disorders and discusses them in a sophisticated and thoughtful manner.

Much thanks to Dr. Grant for sharing his sophisticated understanding of the daily frustrations of those affected.

Howard J Tucker M.D., J.D.
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