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Seizure Disorders

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Special Needs: Seizures Disorders

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Seizure Classification:

Focal – Involve only one area of the body.

Generalized – Involving both sides of the brain (Grand Mal)
Absence (Typical or Atypical) Petit Mal

Stiffness or Myoclonic Clonic, tonic, tonic-clonic, and atonic (astatic)



  • Acquired Brain Injury is any type of brain damage that happens after birth.  Disease, substance abuse, Cerebral Palsy, infection, or Traumatic Brain Injury can cause this damage.

  • Brain tumors, both benign and malignant

  • Chemical Imbalances occurring in Schizophrenia with abnormalities of Dopamine and Serotonin

  • Drugs – Illicit and some medications

  • Fever – Cancers, Infections, and Endocrine

  • Idiopathic – No known cause

  • Infections – Bacteria, Viruses, Prions, Worms, Protozoa

  • Traumatic Brain injury is due to a blow to the skull or when an object penetrates the skull and enters brain tissue.


Treat the cause with supportive care and medications.

Traumatic brain injury should be evaluated and treated with therapy inpatient or outpatient therapy.  Adjuvants of Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy, medications, and family/friend support can be helpful.  There are specific hospitals and medical centers that specialize in the treatment of Neurological Brain Injury.  Lists of these centers are:


Cleveland Clinic

Northwestern University

Louisiana State University

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