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Discover the World Of Mircle Kid!

This website is dedicated to Keith and Philip

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ISBN13 9798511747354

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Welcome to Savantville!

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Meet The Characters!

Mr. P.

Mr. PleomorphAt the Bank with Wolf Spide

Lil' Bud


The differences that I have compared to other people cause some to stare, shy away from, or even think that they hold bigger importance in this world than me.


I wish people would realize that having these differences are not my fault, or begin to realize that they too have differences. Maybe some are not as noticeable as mine, but they have them too. Mostly though, I wish people would remember that I am a person just like each of them and have feeling too.

Mr, Pleomorph aka Mr. P., is an amazing robot that is a master of disguise with unlimited resources. He has the ability to duplicate and morph into other objects or creatures and can

time-travel too!

Mr. P. and Lil' Bud have a Great Friendship with the next thrilling adventure just around the corner.


    "Dr. William N. Grant has served us well by catapulting us into the real world of the special need in his insightful books and website.

    Dr. Grant teaches us empathy and emancipates us from prejudice. He shows brilliance, creativity, and extensive medical knowledge. His description of challenging medical conditions is accurate.


He demonstrates a deep understanding of serious stresses on one’s self-esteem and perception of self. He captures well the feelings and reality of being different...."


Howard J. Tucker MD, JD

Dr. Tucker has practiced medicine

for over 76 years, specializing in

Child Neurology and Neurology. 

A walking textbook of Neurology.

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